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Church of Agios Georgios Georgios

Standing in the centre of the Community and at the highest point of the ancient housing is the church of Agios Georgios. It is a significant monument built in the beginning of the 20th century which, as contemporary researchers mention*, constitutes a sample of late Cypriot ecclesiastical architecture influenced by the Frankish period.

The church was constructed in the place of an older church. Its construction lasted a little more than four years. In particular, according to an inscription at the church, building works began on April 13th 1921 and were completed on July 18th 1925 by Savvas Ioannou from the community of Evrychou.

Architecturally, it is a single-roomed church. More specifically, the aforementioned researchers state that it is “a single-roomed church covered by four cross vaults which are supported by columns built in the northern and southern walls. The external part of these walls used to be surrounded by arches out of which only the one on the northern wall still stands today. The church is covered by a distinctive vault roof, whereas a simple bell tower, which has been built with stone and brick, is attached to the southeast corner of the church. A new bell tower with a clock on the top was added at the southwest corner later on, while the decorative formation on the faces consisting of a line below the roof and the relief windows of the small windows of the upper part are quite particular. The same material as the one mentioned above was used for the creation of the external arches and the door and window frames of the lower part* (p.43). 

What is worth mentioning is that maintenance works have taken place at the church. In particular, there has been a floor and roof replacement, while the building was reinforced with concrete. As far as the chancel is concerned, this was also replaced by a new one which was created by the Kepola brothers. 

As it was mentioned above, before the construction of the current church in the village there used to be an older church dedicated to Agios Georgios. In fact, it seems that it was built even before the construction of the housing, which was named after the church. The residents of the village recall several miracles taking place at the village, mainly miracles related to women who had difficulties in getting pregnant as Agios Georgios is the protector Saint of women. Several Christians would light candles in his honour and would pray to have children. Moreover, they state that they often saw the Saint wandering in the area riding a horse. One of the miracles performed by the Saint and which is salvaged today through the narrations of the residents of the village is related to a woman who was having difficulty in having children and who went to the church of Agios Georgios to pray and light a candle. When she returned home, she also lighted a vigil light in honour of the Saint. Then, she had a vision with the Saint saying to her that she was going to give birth to a baby and that she would name the baby after the Saint, as it actually happened.   


Agios Georgios Kafkalou Community Council
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